An Interview with Linda Riebel

Linda Riebel will be speaking about “How Vegans are Helping Save Endangered Species” at the BVED. Read her interview, and comment about your favorite food that’s currently in season. What do you think is the easiest yet most effective change a person

An Interview with Carol Misseldine

Carol Misseldine is a Sustainability Consultant, and her talk at the BVED will be entitled “Less Carbon, More Compassion: The Compelling Case for a Plant-Based Diet.” Does your family have a meatless day? Comment below. What do you think is the easiest

An Interview with Lauren Ornelas

Lauren Ornelas is the founder/director of the all-volunteer Food Empowerment Project, a vegan food justice nonprofit seeking to create a more just world by helping consumers recognize the power of their food choices. Read on to hear her thoughts, and then leave a

An Interview with Sailesh Rao

Today’s interview is with Sailesh Rao, the Executive Director of Climate Healers. His presentation at BVED will be entitled “Healing the Planet One Meal at a Time.” Read on to learn more about Sailesh, and post a comment about what makes you

Conscious Eating

It never fails that when I learn about the full impact of the choices I make, I am not only surprised, but also astounded. What may seem like the right thing to do sometimes is actually more harmful. Is eating local better

An Interview with Jill Nussinow

Today’s featured speaker interview is with Jill Nussinow, The Veggie Queen™. Read on to learn more about Jill, and then come see her talk entitled “The Winning Formula for Improving Personal and Planetary Health” at the Berkeley Vegan Earth Day. Share your favorite

Aluminum Cans

Recycling one aluminum can, can power a TV for three hours. So recycle all those cans you drink will watching TV – this will also help keep San Francisco one of the top cities in diverting waste! Aluminum is one of the


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An Interview with Katie Cantrell

Katie Cantrell, founder of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. Read on to learn more about Katie, and then come see her talk entitled “Hidden in Plain Bite: The Impacts of Factory Farming”

Environmental Footprint of Vegan Diets

Just about every other day, I run into someone that considers themselves to be Eco conscious. They’ll say things like, “I’m going to just refill this water bottle because, you know, I’m green; I’m a tree hugger.” Then I’ll tell them, “I