San Francisco: Recycle and Compost

Waste diversion is a very important part of San Francisco’s plan to become a zero waste city. By diverting 80% of the cities waste to recycling and compost it means that only 20% of the cities waste is going to landfills. This

San Francisco is on top of the Green List!

San Francisco has once again been recognized as one of the greenest cities in the U.S. and Canada! Green City Index is a world wide comparison of 150 different cities. It compares their strengths and weaknesses in a 100 point scale –

Sea water rise and the city

Sea water rise is an especially alarming point of concern for San Franciscans. Being environmentally friendly will help to stop the water rise which will affect all parts of San Francisco. Check out this website that will show you how sea water

BVED 2013

  The 3rd Annual Berkeley Vegan Earth Day is quickly approaching, and we have a bunch of exciting tidbits to share with you! We’re rapidly adding new speakers to the lineup, which can be viewed on our speakers page. The speakers page