Stay Vocal interview with Alex Eaves

“To me  being vegan means that with every bite of food that I take, I am making one tiny step of positive change,” says Alex Eaves owner of Stay Vocal. Eaves is a dedicated vegan and former skateboarder. He was inspired to

Producing Food for Food or as Food?

One of the biggest issues of animal agriculture is the fact that so much arable land is devoted to growing food for animals that are designated as food – on the face of it, this is a tremendously inefficient way of creating

Buy a Goodie Bag, Get Event Admission and Great Swag

The other day, we reminded you that you’ve got until March 30th to order your Berkeley Vegan Earth Day T-shirt, and guarantee the size of your choice. Don’t forget that when you order a goodie bag, a T-shirt is included. This means

Diet Choices & Greenhouse Emissions

The increased demand for greater quantities of meat at cheaper prices has resulted in an unprecedented growth in animal agriculture.  The result is an increase in population that increases demand and all of these things in turn affect the environment.  Animal agriculture

Conserving Water with a Plant-Based Diet

It’s no secret – potable & safe water is not a fact of life for most of the world.   According to UNICEF, “Almost fifty per cent of the developing world’s population – 2.5 billion people – lack improved sanitation facilities, and

Event location

The event will be taking place on the UC Berkeley Campus, Wurster Hall auditorium. The auditorium only has 150 seats, and this event WILL sell out, so I highly recommend you purchase your ticket today! I will be providing parking information in

Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction

Call of Life examines the collective and individual responses that will be needed to mitigate the impacts of the mass extinction and makes clear the critical choices we have before us. We face the potential of the natural world devastated beyond recognition,

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