Save the date: Sunday April 17th, 2016!

BVED 2016 is going to be on Sunday April 17th at the David Brower Center! For the first time ever, Dr. Greger will be presenting and I am beyond excited!! Interested in being a speaker ? Submit your application here! Deadline for

$5 February!

This year’s special: It’s FIVEs all across the board this year!! Since this is our FIFTH BVED event, being celebrated in this fantastic year of 2015 (which also happens to be the 45th anniversary of Earth Day), we wanted to do something

How to Reuse Glass Jars

  Before you drop the next glass jar into the recycling bin, consider how it can be re-purposed. There are a multitude of ways that marinara sauce jars, condiment jars, baby food jars, etc. can be reused. You may be surprised to find

BVED EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Founded in 2010 by Berkeley vegan Katie Cantrell, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition does presentations across the country to raise people’s awareness not just about the suffering of animals, but also the many other ways that factory farming negatively impacts our Earth


When designing the lavish feasts he prepared monthly at an exclusive club, vegan gourmet chef Barry Schenker would wander the streets of Berkeley’s world famous “Gourmet Ghetto,” where the menus of its innovative international restaurants inspired him to create luscious vegan versions

BVED Exhibitor Profile: Ellovi

If you’re sick of looking at beauty product labels and seeing ingredients that you’ve never heard of and things that sound like they’re derived from harsh chemicals and plastics, you’re not alone.  Ellovi has one product so far called Butter, a moisturizing


We love Dogs of all sizes, shapes and scruffiness. Actually we love all animals, including cows, pigs and chickens – we don’t discriminate. Our mission is one of compassion for all animals and for our great green planet. We are grateful for